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With Stopless, you Trade Like A Machine. With Stopless, you profit like one too.

Our AI Trading Services helps you trade stocks, commodities, forex, crypto and futures, consistently and profitably, with minimum risk.

Say good-bye to guesswork. Know the best trading opportunities and start trading with confidence.


Trading Services

You can trade stock, commodities, forex, crypto and futures consistently and profitably, minimizing the risk.

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Trading Predictor
Markets are volatile. And there is so much data for you to track and keep up with! What if you had an AI based trading prediction software to take the guesswork out of your trading?

The Stopless Trading Services is an AI powered software that forecasts market movements with over 70% accuracy, one day in advance.

Start high-probability profitable trading today!
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Trading Algo
How many markets, stocks, cryptocurrencies, or commodities can you possibly monitor? What if you had a 100% automated trading bot that could find the right trading opportunities for you?

The Stopless Trading Algo is an AI powered, automated trading bot that achieves over 70% success rate consistently. Stopless Algo is the best automated trading bot for beginner and advanced traders.

Put your success on autopilot!
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Trading Platform
Trading is fun but it can be stressful. If you trade frequently, you know that the ability to evaluate trading data patterns is vital, but it is humanly impossible to monitor and analyse them all.

The Stopless AI powered trading platform predicts market movements with over 70% accuracy, one day in advance.

Take the stress out of trading!




There's a lot of data for you to track and numerous patterns to monitor.

What if you had an artificial intelligence trading software that can predict market movements with over 70% accuracy? You could reduce your trading risks, eliminate. your trading fears, and say goodbye to guesswork.

Stopless Predictor is an AI powered, High Probability Predictive Software (HPPS) that forecasts market movements with over 70% accuracy, one day in advance.

Start high probability earning and maximize your investment.


Our Team

The brains behind the scene

Photo of Jing Zhang, CEO of Stopless Inc.
Jing Zhang
Solutions Architect with broad corporate financial experience. Algo Trading Bot Developer with 20+ years of software development experience, startup, online marketing.
Photo of Amir Jaberzadeh, CTO of Stopless Inc.
Amir Jaberzadeh
AI professor at University of Southern California with 11 years of postgraduate scientific research experience. Competent day trader, algo trader and trading bot developer.
Photo of Sid Gupta, CGO of Stopless Inc
Sid Gupta
Previous Group CEO of publicly listed company with over 30 years of experience in Leadership, Management, Business Planning and Operations, Strategy Development, Market Development.
Photo of Todd Embley, Advisor
Todd Embley
Advisor, Founding Strategies.
Host & Producer of The Negotiation Podcast, Director at the Founder Institute. Partner at BoostXLabs. Serial entrepreneur and Startup Mentor.
Photo of Casey Lau, Advisor
Casey Lau
Advisor, Global Markets.
Head of Asia at RISE and Director at Founder Institute. Co-Founder of Startups GBA. Founding Partner of Dimsum Ventures. Startup Mentor.
Photo of Danton Lalonde, Advisor
Danton Lalonde
Advisor, Platform Integration.
CEO of Gratisites. Co-creator of NowFx - a real-time bulk Forex trading platform for individual investors and investment groups.
Photo of Stefan Jansen, Advisor, AI for Trading
Stefan Jansen
Advisor, AI Strategies.
Founder of Applied AI. Author of Machine Learning for Algorithmic Trading, an Amazon Best Seller in Computer Neural Networks.
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We are a fintech start-up so passionate about trading and AI that we decided to put them together to bring you one of the most advanced artificial intelligence software trading tools.

Our team of serial and experienced entrepreneurs are experts specialized in financial markets and trading. Together we bring over 25 years of domain experience in AI modelling, software development, and enterprise financial solutions implementation. Perhaps most importantly, we are all traders ourselves.

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